Dazzling Pamukkale and Hierapolis

From Fethiye we headed to Pamukkale. The four-hour bus ride unexpectedly turned into 5 1/2 due to road construction. This was very much the exception as the bus systems in Turkey are extremely good and very efficient. And the drivers are characteristically helpful getting you to the right bus and making the right connections. Getting to Pamukkale was a great example. Despite the delay, a myriad of traffic lights and stops in the industrial city of Denizli, the dolmus was dutifully waiting to take us right to Pamukkale. There were two other passengers, women from Montreal, who said they had only been waiting about 10 minutes for our bus to arrive.

Travertine pools

Natural travertine pools

It's supposed to cure all ya' ills!

It’s supposed to cure all ya’ ills!

Travertine path

Travertine path

Entrance to the Roman baths

Entrance to the Roman baths

Back in the day, Cindy and I used to tour sites early in the morning to beat the crowds. Now we tour late in the day. Aside from beating the heat, certain sites draw hundreds or even thousands of cruise boat tourists as early as 7am. And since we have the luxury of having more time, when we will arrive at a destination, we drop our bags at our hotel and then either hang out and wait, or, depending on the timing go right to the site. We got to our hotel at about 4:30pm and ate an early dinner before walking a few hundred meters to the entrance of Pamukkale. We stayed until sundown at about 8 to see the travertine pools and Greco-Roman-Byzantine-Crusader Hierapolis. As required, we took off our shoes to walk on the travertine. It was not slippery at all and had water running over its surface right where we walked.

Stoa at Hierapolis

Stoa at Hierapolis


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