Tootles to Turkey

We can’t figure out why more Americans don’t visit Turkey.  While we have seen some Americans in Istanbul, we only saw a handful in all the other places we’ve been to — and that counts the one that just finished his stint in the Peace Corps.

Inside the Grand Bazaar

Inside the Grand Bazaar

The Turkish people are kind, honest, warm, friendly, and hospitable.  They have a sense of humor (like the time we were walking down the street and a shop owner said, “tell me, how can I get your money,” or when a restaurant owner was trying to get us to eat at his place and said with a smile and a wink, “the food is really terrible.”) We met people who treated us to a 4 star dinner (see Bill’s Istanbul post).

This was more the norm than the exception. From the hotels/hostels to the ticket taker at the Metro, they went out of their way to help us. If they didn’t speak English, they would find someone who did. 

The transportation system, including buses, dolmus’, trams and ferries all ran like clockwork.  The seating was comfortable and the service exceptional.

Istanbul from the Bosphorus-Galata tower in the background

Istanbul from the Bosphorus. The Galata tower is in the background.

The food was fresh, the fruit sweet.  We enjoyed our time in Turkey very much. We’ll be back someday.

Cappuccino. Mmmmmm.

Cappuccino. Mmmmmm.


One thought on “Tootles to Turkey

  1. I hope I can join you! I trust you read my post to Bill? We were friends with a lovely couple from Turkey who had a daughter who was friends with Candace. They were so gracious, kind, polite, etc. So I would love to go to Istanbul!


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