On one weekend excursion out of Medellin, we stopped at La Piedra (The Rock) Del Peñol on the way to the town of Guatape. La Piedra is a unique geologic formation with a rock face that is over 200 meters high.

La piedre del Peñol

La piedre del Peñol

Climbing to the platformed summit involves ascending 740 steps built into one of the rock’s breaks. The town of Guatape was originally built in 1811. A virtual ghost town at one time, it metamorphosed into a tourist town a few years ago. Most of the tourists appeared to be weekend-tripping Colombians.

View from La piedre (The Rock)

View from La piedre (The Rock)

The summit provides a sweet 360 degree view of lakes and hills which were dramatically altered when much of the area was covered by water due to construction of a hydroelectric dam in the 60’s.

bill and cindy summit guatape

We took a short cab ride to the charming town of Guatape where we strolled the narrow cobblestone streets whose houses were lined with colorful frescos.

fresco I

street in guatape

We dined on local paisa dishes and took a canoe out for a ride on the lake.

On the lake; la piedre in the background

On the lake; La Piedre in the background


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  1. Cindy is a natural beauty and looks good all the time. Perhaps the $3 haircut in Beijing stuck with me. Of course, picture selection helps, too.

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