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Life is good. And I mean really good! We departed for Cairo on May 2, 2013, exactly 30 years and one day after moving to the Boston area from New York City. We’re coming up on our 30th wedding anniversary in September and by October I would have been in the employment industry for 30 years. Now is a good time to take advantage of having saved enough money and being able to afford the time to take to the road for a trip of a lifetime around the world. Our plan is to start in Cairo and basically travel east going to places we’ve never been. Our last planned general destination will be Latin America before heading home to the Boston area. Our house is rented to a wonderful family for the next 14 months and our cattle-dog mix, Sox, is being cared for in an excellent home–we may want to curl up in a corner there ourselves! But if we get homesick there’s always the option of coming back early to pick up Sox and hike the hills of Montana or Appalachia. Our itinerary is open and flexible.

Sox says, "Where'd they go? I'm usually the one taking off."

“Hey, I’m usually the one taking off.”

Getting this all together was not an easy undertaking. We spent months planning and researching extended life on the road, setting up finance and banking systems, property management, storage, car storage, technology to document the trip and keep in touch with home and back ups to insure we come back to everything pretty much the way we left it. The details to cover and attention to minutia were mind-boggling. Nor is it easy to pack up and leave friends and family; from people we’ve known since growing up in New York to the wonderful circles of friends we made over the years we’ve lived in the Boston area. We love the area and the choice to move to New England turned out to have been an excellent one; from access to culture, music, many varied activities and the proximity to the city and country, it has turned out to have been a great place to raise our kids, now 26 and 24. It’s been very special to easily access outdoor activities in every season; especially bicycling, hiking, cross-country skiing and tennis.

We’re seasoned travelers having been to about 20 countries so we’re not strangers to being tourists or ‘Out of Towners’. But this is a trip of another kind and a travel experience that will be very different. Aside from the extended length of travel, we’re not rich, so our accommodations will probably be basic, likely staying in B and B’s, hostels and lower end hotels. En suite, private rooms are usually available and the last hostel we stayed in –in Panama– this past January was better than some hotels. Some of our best experiences and stories have come from traveling overland using local transportation so we are looking forward to meeting and being with locals as well as with like-minded travelers.

Many people at home we told about our upcoming adventure expressed excitement, joy, happiness and awe with comments like, “I wish I could do that”. So Cindy and I hope we can inspire others to think outside the box and to take action to fulfill their own dreams, aspirations and life’s desires!

Pushing 30 and a proven road warrior

Pushing 30 and a proven road warrior

A super jetpack

A super jetpack


4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi Bill and Cindy,
    Even before I met you two at Sue and Bruce’s I had been reading your blog off and on. I enjoy it and I enjoyed meeting you both. I hope to do so again. I’d like to hear more stories straight from the authors’ mouths! Be well!

  2. Hey Bill and Cindy! I met up with you first in Petra and then again in Tel Aviv at Shlomo’s home. Have followed you on and off. What a wonderful experience you two have had! I’m highly envious! I wrote Shlomo and told him to look me up in Los Angeles if he is coming here for the total eclipse on Aug 21. We are headed up to Jackson Hole to see it but I hope he can stop by coming or going.
    Hope all is well. I have very fond memories of our brief time together. Remember how hot it was at Masada?
    Very best,
    Jim Taylor (jtaylor@cmc.edu)

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