It is the end of the second full day here in Cairo and we’ve already covered some serious ground having visited the ancient sites at Dahshur (Red pyramid, “Bent” pyramid), Saqqara (a vast ancient burial ground including the “Step” pyramid) and the Giza necropolis (Pyramids of Giza and the Sphynx). I wasn’t expecting to tour Giza on horseback but the fatigue of a full day of touring and the effects of jet-lag altered our plans.

Giza Plateau joy

Happy to be off the horse

Today we visited the Egyptian museum and were treated to viewing an awesome collection of Egyptian antiquities including the treasures of King Tutenkamen’s tomb. We’re downtown and it’s quite busy with people and very very noisy with the cacophony of car horns from the chaos of the street traffic below. I didn’t think I could get used to it but dang if it doesn’t bother me now. Not too much, anyway.